Kamis, 18 Februari 2021

Express Crypto Micro Wallet

Express Crypto a brand new cryptocurrency micro wallet

ExpressCrypto is a brand new cryptocurrency micro wallet powered by ExpressGroup. Here you can earn through many different ways (Offerwalls, Games, Faucet, Staking, Chat, etc.). Express Crypto also offer an exchange service where you can deposit and withdraw coins with super low fees powered by real-time CoinGecko rates ( may be changed later ).
At ExpressCrypto you have many ways in which you can earn: Faucets, Offerwalls, Coin Staking, Games/Gambling and even by participating in chat, you can earn fractions of coins through their Rain System.

Claiming from faucets is pretty simple. First start off by copying your ExpressCrypto Unique ID which is shown on the dashboard, then visit their faucets list, click one of the links, follow the instructions on the site. (Make sure you have used the correct Unique ID when you sign up to a faucet site) and that's pretty much it, you should be able to start earning via that faucet and cash out your earnings to ExpressCrypto!
Most faucets now use Express Crypto, so user can have low minimum withdraw and instant payment from faucets.

You can level up by earning ECP. Earn ECP by claiming from faucets, doing offerwalls and by playing their games. Even better, if you participate in chat, you could be randomly be rewarded some ECP. Receive 1 ECP for every Lottery Ticket bought, 1 ECP for every bet in Dice greater than or equal to 10 satoshi, 1 ECP for every Bingo game, 3 ECP for every Faucet Claim and 50 ECP per Offerwall completed.
You can use tips here to leveling up in ExpressCrypto, as they have similar ways to reward their members. Some of Faucethub faucets already switch to Express Crypto also.

One of the benefits of levelling up in ExpressCrypto, is that some of their Offerwalls have a minimum requirement of level 10. Get to this level and start earning bigger amounts from surveys and tasks that some Offerwalls provide. Another benefit in levelling, is that each level, you can earn bits of EXS. Every 10 levels you can earn bits of EXG With the introduction of Staking here at EC, they have decided to offer yet another great feature for levels. For each level you have you can gain a 0.001% bonus increase on your interest rate, So for example, A level of 24 offers an increase of 0.024% Per year. (please note: the total interest amount is capped depend of the coin you are staking).

How Do I stake coins At ExpressCrypto?
So you've been earning some crypto's and you want to profit on-top your earnings? Well ExpressCrypto has the answer for you! We offer a simple solution to earn passively by “freezing” TRX (or other coins). Simply put, Freezing TRX is like putting money aside into a savings account with a bank, but its with cryptocurrency instead! So To get started, simply earn/deposit a minimum of 10 TRX, then head to Proof Of Stake, review your potential earning and then you can enter how much TRX you want to stake and begin staking! (Please note: each time you Freeze TRX your “stakes” will be locked/Frozen for 3 days. During this time you cannot move or do anything with these coins. After 24 hours from start staking, you will start receiving your daily Stake payout, or you can choose to stop staking them and do what you wish with them). As a base rate ExpressCrypto offers 7% per year interest on all TRX frozen here but that rate can be increased with higher levels or the amount you choose to stake; Earn an extra 0.001% for every level or 0.001% for every 100 TRX staked.

What is EXS/EXG?
ExpressCrypto proudly offers its own IN-HOUSE currencies. “What are they”, you may ask... Well they are EX-Silver (EXS) and EX-Gold (EXG).

Whats so special about EXS/EXG?
EXS and EXG are both tied to a fixed price. 1 EXS is worth $0.21752002 and 1 EXG is worth $21.75200177.

How can I withdraw my Earnings from ExpressCrypto?
Start off by linking your wallet. After you have linked a wallet, you will need to wait 48 hours before being able to withdraw. After the 48 hours is up, simply go to dashboard click the coin you wish to withdraw, and follow the instructions given. (Please note: you can only withdraw when you have met the minimum requirement ExpressCrypto has set, please check this by clicking the coin you want to withdraw and on that page, it will state the minimum withdraw amount for that coin).

Step by ste to earn cryto in Express Crypto :
1. If you want to start make crypto fast you can join ExpressCrypto here, then
2. Verified your account,
3. Put your wallet address in their wallets section for your withdrawal, then
4. Run autofaucet here to earn crypto and leveling up, if they have some option of coins choose as many as you can choose to wallet you already have.

Auto faucet ADA
Auto faucet Multi Coin
Auto faucet DGB
Auto faucet BCN
Auto faucet DASH
Auto faucet DOGE
Auto faucet DGB
Auto faucet DOGE
Auto faucet ZEC
Auto faucet Multi Coin

5. Earn even bigger from manual faucet
6. Be active in chat
7. Earn from offerwall
8. Withdraw your earning to your wallet