Selasa, 20 Juni 2017

Claymore CPU the easiest tools to mine Cryptonite / Cryptonight

Some people says that Claymore CPU miner is the easiest tools to mine Cyptonite / Cryptonight coin. May be that is true, atleast in myexperience.
After a few bench test, I got more h/s (mining speed) using Claymore Cpu software. Claymore have use all his effort to make this tool valuable and reward should be given to him. This software bundled with 2.5% fee to developer but we can cancel that fee with risk to 5% slower miner.
You can read about this software in this forum but here I only give you brief explanation in how to use that.
Before we start, you should understand that this software is built for Windows Operating System, Windows 7 or above, and CPU that supportAES-NI for faster mining. For better speed use Win 7 64 bit but will still run if you only 32 bit system.

Steps to start mining, I assume you have join mining pool, if not, you can join my favorite pools for cryptonite mining, Minergate.
1. Download the software, the link to the forum I give you will lead you to the last version of Claymore CPU miner or use this link
2. Extract the zip file to folder you choose, to avoid problem that may occur, please use short foldername without space. Some people complaining that they cannot get faster mining mode. And we will try to avoid this problem.
3. There will be file with name "pool 32bit.bat" and "pool 64bit.bat" rename both and remove the space so it become "pool32bit.bat" and "pool64bit.bat"
4. Find and edit the file "pools.txt", so if one pools in trouble you still mining other pools, if you use minergate mining pool, you can fill the file with this command or other coin that you interest:
5. Save the file and close
6. if you use 64 bit OS, edit the file pool64bit.bat so the command become :
NsCpuCNMiner64.exe -t 0 -u -p x
where the is your email address if you use minergate, -t is number of threat you can use, if you don't know, use 0 (zero).
7. Save the file and close
8. if you use 64 bit OS, the pool64bit.bat is the file for mining, run the file as administrator and you already mining.

If a problem occur where you see message :
******************** ERROR ********************

Error #103-1-1
Start miner with ADMIN rights to configure system for best performance and then
REBOOT computer.
It is necessary to do it only once.


It mean you don't get fastest mining speed, do this :
1. Make sure you are logged as admin. Create shortcut for to the bat file on desktop.
2. Open shortcut properties, and specify command line parameters, for example:
cd ccp35 {directory contain your miner}
3. Press "Advanced" button, check "Run As Administrator". Also disable UAC and reboot (perhaps this step is not necessary for your configuration).
4. Start shortcut.

Problem usually happened in Win 8 & Win 10 but not in Win 7.