Selasa, 29 Maret 2016

Bitcocity - How to play and tips and trick

The game that allow you to earn easy money !
BitcoCity a lively online game that will entice those interested in income, employment and finances. This game will allow you to dive into the fascinating world of business and win real money (BITCOIN), even if you do not have the deep economic knowledge.
BitcoCity allow each participant to build your own online business and make real money, which can then be easily viewed at any convenient time. The whole gameplay is so constructed that each company sets can buy a variety of goods to choose from. The most expensive is the property, it will bring you more revenue. Available to buy coffee, casino, nightclub, brewery and the tobacco factory.

Tips and Trick playing Bitcocity to earn Satoshi :

1. Earn Bonus by goto bonus page and click bonus, you can earn 10-20 silver.
2. From that bonus you can by economic project, to earn income from time to time. Start with the cheapest, coffee chop which cost is 100 silver. The productivity is 7 coffee / hour for each coffee shop.
3. Collect all your product and serve your costumers.
4. Sell your product, 100 coffee = 1 silver. 70% goes to investment balance, 30% goes to withdrawal balance.
5. You can withdraw if withdrawal balance available and you want it.
6. Repeat Step 1-4

If you want to try, please consider join by using the banner below or click here :
Not necessary to invest to earn satoshi, but you can if you want to boost your earning.

Payment proof :
Third Payment April-19, 2016 from bitcocity via Xapo

Second payment proof April-16, 2016 from bitcocity via Xapo

Bitcocity payment proof via Xapo
First Payment proof April-11, 2016 from bitcocity via Xapo

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