Selasa, 12 April 2016

Free mining - no invest - no electricity cost

There are some sites that you can use to mine for cryptocurrency include BTC. In this site, you just need to register, run the miner, and wait until the right time to withdraw. But if you have enough coin you can invest for faster earning and withdraw. Some risk still exist, but you don't need to do anything else, no need to prepare your own hardware, no need electricity to run your miners.

Free 1500 DOGE

Mining USD, DashCoin, Bitcoin, DogeCoin, LiteCoin - Free GHS - Can WD without invest.

Free 30 GHS

but may need to invest before withdraw

Free 3.00 MH/s


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  1. From my experience the best Bitcoin exchange service is YoBit.

  2. YoBit allows you to claim FREE COINS from over 100 distinct crypto-currencies, you complete a captcha once and claim as much as coins you want from the available offers.

    After you make about 20-30 claims, you complete the captcha and continue claiming.

    You can press claim as much as 30 times per one captcha.

    The coins will stored in your account, and you can convert them to Bitcoins or any other currency you want.

  3. Easy multi-currency mining pool & 1-click GUI miner.

    Mine effectively with your computer or smartphone.

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