Selasa, 15 Maret 2016

Golden Mines Review - Tricks and Tips

Golden mines is paying faucet game combine with investment where you can earn real money (USD or RUB) or Bitcoin.
There are two version of the games :
Golden mines USD version and 
Golden mines RUB version 
Each of them can be invested by bitcoin and withdraw with bitcoin. Each of them have 2 language to choose, English or Russian.

Guide to play Golden mines

This game have very clear navigation menu for every users,
Profile consist information about your account.
Setting, you can use to change your password
Hire gnomes, your income depend on the gnomes you choose. Higher level of gnomes will produce more income. There are no limit of gnomes you can hire and every gnomes you hire will be yours forever.
Store of Ore, every gold ore produce by your gnomes must be moved here before it can be processed into gold ore.
Ore processing, from the store you can process the ore into gold in this menu. The gold coins got after processing are divided between two of your accounts (the account for buying and the account for withdrawal) in proportion: 70% to the account for buying and 30% to the account for withdrawal.
Daily bonus, you can earn bonus every 24 hours that you can use to buy gnomes (investment).
Swap, you can move some of your withdrawal account balance into buying balance and earn 20% bonus here.
Replenish account, you use to add balance from your payment gateway ( Yandex money, WebMoney, Qiwi wallet, Payeer (payment is instant via payeer).
Order of payoff, you use this feature to withraw your money ( Yandex money, WebMoney, Qiwi wallet, Payeer (payment is instant via payeer and can be converted into BTC). In USD version you can only use payeer.

About Pay point

Getting payoffs by the user is restricted by availability of pay points on the account. 1 pay point gives the right to withdraw 1 USD / RUB.
Pay points are credited for:
- your replenishments of the account (40% of the sum);
- replenishment of the account by a referral of the 1st level, 30% go to the points;
- replenishment of the account by a referral of the 2nd level, 10% go to the points;
- replenishment of the account by a referral of the 3d level, 5% go to the points;
- replenishment of the account by any player ,10% of the sum is divided between all the players who were active during 24 hours;
Minimum Gold Coin for withdrawal is :
10 gold coin or 0.1 USD for USD version
1000 gold coin or 10 RUB for RUB version

Tips to earn money from  Golden mines

1. It is important to get (active) referrals to meet requirements for cash out. Joining social network, posting in forum, make a blog, or buy advertisement is the key to earn more in Golden mines. Active referral is a user who has replenished the account or who has referrals who have replenished the account.
2. Must have payeer account, which is very easy to get.
3. You need to login every 24 hour to get bonus, but I suggest you to login twice a day, to collect and process ore. It make your status active for 24 hours and replenish your pay point from other players replenishment.
4. Replenish your account minimum 1 USD or 10 RUB, to avoid problem during payoff.  You can use Credit Card, Bitcoin, DogeCoin, etc. via payeer.

You can join them via banner below and please share if you have problem in this site in the comment section below:

Profit every 10 minutes!
Profit every 10 minutes!

Payment Proof (all payment is instant ) :
Payment History GoldenMines.netPayment History

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