Rabu, 08 November 2017

Minergate minimum confirm and withdraw

In Minergate each coin have minimum amount to confirmed and withdraw. Here is the list of minimum confirm and withdraw at the moment.

Coin Name Minimum Confirm Minimum Withdraw
Aeon / AEON 0.005 0.01
Bitcoin / BTC 0.0001 0.01
Bytecoin / BCN 20 100
Dashcoin / DSH 0.1 0.01
Digitalnote / XDN 1 1
Ethereum / ETH 0.001 0.001
Ethereum Classic / ETC 0.001 0.001
Fantomcoin / FCN 1 0.01
Bitcoin Gold / BTG 0.004 0.1
Litecoin / LTC 0.0001 0.01
Monero / XMR 0.005 0.1
MonetaVerde / MCN 1 0.01
Quazarcoin / QCN 1 0.01
Z Cash / ZEC 0.001 0.0001

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