Rabu, 19 Agustus 2015

Strategy to earn Bitcoin

My Strategy to earn Bitcoin

First, grap bitcoin wallet, I suggest you to use coinbase and receive +0.0001 BTC or 100 bits for sign up bonus. You must verified in 6 days to earn this balance.
Second, sign up for Xapo wallet to earn 50 bits, this is to be used if faucets need email address.
Third, join some free miners that available in Free miners. This miners are totally free to join and generate income for you from time to time. Follow instruction in each site about how to earn from them. Use your coinbase address to receive commission. You might want to play some games available in that pages. My income from farmsatoshi payment to your Xapo address.
Fourth, use faucets available in Big list of Bitcoin faucets to earn about BTC 0.00070000 / daily. This amount may be increase if you repeat all faucets a few times in each day. Use your coinbase BTC address for this step unless its available to use xapo / email address.
Fifth, use your Xapo balance to upgrade / invest in miners you join in third step.
Sixth, you can join Eobot and install their software. Run this software when your computer is idle (when you sleep). This software use your computer to mine.
Seven, try to have referral for all site you join. Make a blog, share your referrl link in facebook / twitter / other social media.
At last, exchange your coinbase balance in exchangers to earn real money.

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