Selasa, 22 September 2015

Mining with your own hardware

Before we begin, I must say that this method is not recommended for the following reason :
1. High Electricity Cost, this method will use electricity to your computer and your CPU / GPU will run at their maximum usage
2. Your computer could be broken in the short time, because your CPU / GPU will run at their maximum usage it will produce heat that may damage your PC.
3. Low revenue from mining, because level of difficulty to earn bitcoin is increasing this method may only give you very small BTC and may be nothing.

The only advantages of this, is, you may be already own the hardware and don't need to invest anymore. I assume that you already have GPU or (Graphic Processing Unit / VGA Card).
Like I said before, its hard to mine BTC nowadays using only CPU / GPU, so I suggest you to join pool. In the pool some maybe hundreds miners is working together to mine BTC and the earning will be split between them.
Usually Windows user like Vista, Win 7 and above will have no problem to use this method but XP user may find some difficulty as GPU driver may be not instaled succesfully or Plug & Play.
Make sure you already have .netframework4 installed in your system. For Windows XP user, install all from .net2, .net3, .net4 you can download them from microsoft site.

Oke, in this method I will tell you how to mine using your GPU and CPU at the same time. You can use other pool, other software you can find in You maybe will realize that this site is not the best place to mine, but for education process please join eobot.
1. After join, go login to the site and download their software.
2. Extract the files
3. Go to the folder where you extract the files and run eobot.exe
4. Insert your email address to sign in.
5. Slide the intensity to extreme
6. In GPU option, choose Scrypt GPU
7. Klik Start GPU.
There will maybe about 5 minutes the system trying to synchronize. If you want to see is your system connect or not, how much actual speed, your balance, you can see in account section in eobot site.
At this step you already mining using your gpu.

Now we try to mine using CPU
1. From, click download eobot windows, and choose "Windows CPU miner Download" that lead to, choose the right file that suit your operating system and download.
2. Extract the file.
3. Go to the folder you extract file, that consist minerd.exe
4. Open your Notepad program
5. From your browser ( find the code for your bitcoin worker, something like this : minerd.exe -a scrypt -o stratum+tcp:// --userpass eobot.65922:x and copy to the notepad. Replace this code with your code because if not, the earning will goes to me.
6. Save the file with start.bat, when saving make sure that "save as type" is "All files" and save it to the same directory where minerd.exe exist.
7. click start.bat to run the cpu miner. From this stage you already have two ways to mine with your hardware in Eobot.

You can also use eobot faucet to earn more BTC and after you have enough BTC you can rent eobot hardware or scrypt to earn more.

If you ask me, I am not an expert in bitcoin mining. I don't have money to buy ASIC miner and I don't know about expert configuration. But I will try to answer any question that I can answer.

This is how it looks when they run together.
Mining CPU and GPU at the same time in Eobot
Mining in eobot using GPU and CPU

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