Minggu, 21 Februari 2016

Mining with your own hardware (2)

Setup of AntMiner S1
About Antminer S1
This tool can be considered as old type device because the new technologies already much more advance than this one. I share this device because it's very easy to setup.
Antminer S1 is a blade style miner, which contains two blade, assembled before Fab out. One blade can work separately. If you buy from Bitmain as manufacturer, you should prepare your own ATX Power Supply.
Connecting to Miner 
1. Read the IP address labeled in the Fan Bracket (Front). Manually setup your PC's IP address in the network segment same as the miner's IP address.
2. Connect miner and your PC via network cable
3. Enter miner's IP address into your browser then logon. Both username and password is "root" by default.
4. Setup Lan as DHCP client. Click "Network -> interface -> LAN", select DHCP client. The default LAN value is and WAN address can't be set as 192.168.1.x. Pool Setting Pool can be set through "Status -> Miner Configuration". In the : Pool URL - enter the URL of your desired pool Worker - enter your worker ID in desired pool Password - enter your password for the pool and worker Antminer can set up three mine pools, the priority can decrese from first pool if the first pool encounter fault.
I don't know how this happened as that's above manufacture speed :) but this I can get :

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