Selasa, 23 Februari 2016

TownBTC Review

Tips and trick to play TownBTC
TownBTC is a free game to earn BTC,  to earn in TownBTC is very easy.
After you register, you already have 1 bungalow. You will be collecting maximum BTC 0.00003/day. Do collect atleast 1 every 24 hour. You also can build another types of building such as Condominium, Ranch, Shop and Club. But because I need to know if they paying or not, I choose to withdraw just after I hit minimum payment which is BTC 0.00003 or 24 hours.
The withdraw fee is 0%.
You can join through this link or this banner 
coinminerz - built your own BTC mine for free
TownBTC free mining farm

At this time being, payment is frequently delay but paying.

Here is my first payment proof

Unfortunately, this site seem to be a SCAM site now.

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